Custom light box

21 September 2009

I just completed a custom light box for Ottawa photographer Rémi Thériault. It was a bit challenging in that instead of building it from scratch, I needed to retrofit an old hotplate.

Rémi took the KD photo on the hotplate before disassembling it, had the photo printed in 3D, then removed the hotplate from its aluminum frame to replace it with the photo:


In the meantime, I mounted cold cathode lights to the inside of the back panel and built a wooden extension for the frame so it would be deep enough for the light to diffuse properly:


An interesting project I was happy to be part of . . .

If you need a custom light box, don’t hesitate to get in touch about your project!

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One Response to “Custom light box”

  1. danimations says:

    Nice one, AO! I’ve done a little 3D photo work myself, and funnily enough, I even displayed my prints backlit too. Good solution… the images render brilliantly. You must be handy with a soldering iron then, hey?

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