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21 January 2010

Gallery hopping in Toronto late last year, I discovered a handful of really inspiring artists.

Gallery Lausberg specializes in abstract German sculpture.  Of particular interest to me were the works of Regine Schumann and Klaus Staudt.

Schumann’s work revolves around sculptural acrylic forms illuminated by black light:



Staudt’s work explores form and perspective through a variety of pieces built from patterns of 3D objects suspended in space (through the use of coloured and transparent acrylic):



[ deep stuff after the break ]

At Le Gallery, we discovered the work of Toronto local, Kal Mansur, who uses acrylic both as a canvas for his paintings, as well as a sculptural medium (photo by TK):


Le Gallery proprietor, Will Kucey, sent us over the Kal’s gallery, Median Contemporary, where we had a chance to meet Kal, who was kind enough to entertain us w/ a lengthy conversation about working w/ acrylic and the contemporary art scene in general.

Talking w/ Kal, and seeing his, Staudt’s, and Schumann’s work cemented my intersest in having acrylic feature heavily in my light works to come.

The discussion w/ Kal also touched on the use of technology in art versus the public’s huge expectations from technology.  He held up an iPod Nano and said, “this is what people expect from technology!”  His point being that people aren’t easily impressed with technology (in art) for the sake of technology since people are becoming increasingly surrounded by finely fabricated techno gadgets.  He stressed that since technology is so ubiquitos, artists should focus on what they do w/ the technology moreso than the technology itself.  He then countered with reference to Peter Todd‘s work, suggesting that it might be interesting for audiences if artists bring the technology/circuitry of electronic art to the forefront, to not hide the circuit at all.  Unlike most commercial electronics, Todd’s work doesn’t prioritize a reduction in size and cost, but instead puts a focus on the circuit’s aesthetic:


So, on one hand, it’s all about the content, and on the other, it’s all about the packaging, or lack thereof, or some middle ground between the two?

Interesting food for thought . . . Please share yours in the comments!

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