Electric Window 3.03

24 January 2010

With the inspiration of using acrylic as an artistic/structural medium mixed with the notion of baring it all in terms of circuit board exposure, as outlined in this previous post, I set about to realize the next entry in the Electric Window 3.xx series with a new perspective:

[ Build details and more photos after the break . . . ]

Before assembling the circuit board, I painted the perf. board black:

The circuit is basically an Arudino-loaded Atmel microprocessor with a ribbon connector to the LED screen, and a programming header (the spikey thing along the lower right) for loading new programs to the microprocessor.

The perf. board accepted the acrylic paint well, and the resulting circuit matched well w/ the LED screen:

The circuit board and LED screen were then mounted on a small sheet of white pressboard, over which I mounted a translucent red acrylic sheet of matching size . . . et voila!

The content is similar to previous entries in the 3.xx series, with various drawing and screen filling routines:

Extrapolating from the above pattern, I think a Tetris routine should be in the works, perhaps alongside autonomous pong :)

Of course, each piece receives its individual label:

I was quite pleased with how this version turned out and will continue to offer the open-concept acrylic style as an enclosure option for future Electric Windows.  I’m also starting to source coloured stand-offs and hardware, particularly black, so if you have any suggestions in this regard, please let me know!

Another concern is where to add an unobtrusive power switch.  I’m hesitant to mount a switch along the side of these pieces, particularly on the framed versions, as I think it would look horrible sticking out one of the sides:

Perhaps I can find an in-line switch that works with the thin power cords I’m using . . . although, once these things are internet-enabled, owners could just program them to turn on and off at convenient times ;)

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  1. ao says:

    You can now order your own Electric Window from my Etsy shop: http://www.andrewomalley.etsy.com

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