Light cube prototype

31 January 2010

Continuing to turn inspiration into reality, Deb and I unpacked our new table saw, installed the acrylic-capable blade, and got to work cutting and gluing.  The result is a prototype for a new series of light boxes/cubes:

We were pretty pleased with our first attempt at constructing and gluing a 3D object from acrylic.

The LED matrix and controller are from SeeedStudio, and the next steps for us will be to develop content for the LEDs, and refine the acrylic enclosure design.

Another consideration will be whether to stick with a corded DC adapter for power, or go with (rechargeable) batteries.  The pro for a DC adapter is that it takes no additional space in the enclosure, while the flip-side con of batteries is that the extra space required in the enclosure may affect the aesthetics.  Batteries will also need to be recharged or changed as a trade-off for going cordless.  What would you prefer (let me know in the comments)?

Here’s a few more pics:

And a last one for scale:

More pics and video to come as things develop here in the lab!

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6 Responses to “Light cube prototype”

  1. technabob says:

    Looks really cool! I hope you start selling these one’s over on your etsy shop. I think I like the idea of rechargeable batteries so you don’t need to have a cord attached. Or better yet built-in rechargeables and you can plug it in to charge.

  2. ao says:

    Thanks for your thoughts!

    From a usability standpoint, I agree built-in rechargeable batteries would be best, though we still experimenting with batteries to see if the lifetime will be worth it, along with the aesthetic considerations that’ll go along w/ making extra room inside for the batteries.

    Once the design is finalized, it’ll def. be in the shop!


  3. Rex Mcwhirter says:

    Looks cool! is that mirrored acrylic?

  4. ao says:

    @rex It’s actually alternating clear and smoked acrylic, though we are working on a version w/ mirrored acrylic; but it’s been much harder to work w/.

  5. aldren verdad says:

    I am interested in building my prototype LED box for my thesis in Mechanical drawing. Can you assess the aprox. price for an LED box measuring 1×1 foot each.


  6. ao says:

    Hi, I would need more details about your prototype before I could provide a quote, such as full dimensions (height, width, depth), number and type of LEDs (eg. 8×8 matrix of RGB LEDs), and also a timeline. Thx for getting in touch.

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