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2 March 2010

It’s probably obvious from the links in the right hand column, but last month I set up an Etsy shop for my smaller light works.


Etsy’s a site dedicated to all things crafty and handmade.   On first glance, my electronic works seem out of place amongst all the beads, jewelery, knitting, and paintings.  However, since my light boxes are laboriously constructed one-at-a-time I figured I’d fit right in with the handmade ethos; and, seeing selling an under-represented craft as an advantage, I figured I have little to lose . . . aside from some time and $0.20 per listing.

[Initial impressions after the break.]

Setting up the shop took the better part of an evening, since I needed to create a storefront banner, write general copy about my lights and myself, as well as develop my shop’s “policies;” considerably more work than selling on eBay, though I’d argue much more targeted.

Although I can’t brag about any Etsy sales, yet, what did become readily apparent after only a few days was exposure to a whole new audience!  I watched as the views on my listed items went up and up, quicker than views to this blog or my other websites.  With Etsy’s great Google Analytics integration, I soon learned my pieces were being blogged about as well. There’s entire blogs out there dedicated to Etsy stuff, and even to specific categories on Etsy, such as geekery which includes lots of 8-bit video game -inspired stuff.

Here’s a sample of some of the recent blog love:

The open-concept Electric Window 3 was featured on WonderlandThe Krafty Geek, and Gamefreaks; I think the Space Invader pic helped :)

Cool blue Electric Window 4 made an appearance on The Vintage Cabin; and I received flattering, full write-ups on Technabob, and French blog, Sema Geek — although the language barrier on the latter makes it sound as though my pieces are creating the soundtracks to their videos!

Thus far into the Etsy experiment, the exposure I’ve received has far exceeded any expectations I had, now I’m curious to find how what kinds of views-to-sales ratios I’m going to get . . .

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