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14 July 2010

I’m happy to announce that I’m spending an art-focused summer in NYC!  Between now and the end of August, I’ll be based out of midtown Manhattan.

It already feels like I have more projects than the time to complete them ;)   I’ve secured an “artist in residency” position with NYC Resistor, where I have open access to their space, including all the electronics tools I’ll need along with some cool fabrication tools, including a laser cutter.

[ more after the break ]

While here, I’m planning to work on the software for the upcoming light cube:

along with developing an open-source clock kit around the Electric Window 3 platform:

including a nifty enclosure fabbed on the laser cutter, or perhaps even the Makerbot, which will be aided by the convenience of Makerbot Industries and NYC Resistor being neighbors in the same building:

In addition to my self-guided residency at NYC Resistor, I’ll also be interning at Eyebeam Art and Technology Center in the Chelsea district of Manhattan:


[ pic from Flickr ]

At Eyebeam, I’ll be working with Hernani Dias, developing new hardware for his Refarm the City project.  A large portion of his project revolves around series of electronic boards which are responsible for monitoring and automatically feeding small urban farms (gardens).


[ pic from Hernani's blog ]

Specifically, I’ll be working on a board which visualizes data collected from a farm/garden with a reconfigurable LED display; the main idea being the ability to monitor data remotely without having to use a computer — a great overlap with my personal lighting projects which I’ve been long wanting to make internet-enabled.

And what of DJ/VJ’ing you may ask?  Well, Deb is here in NYC with me, and we indeed have a few things lined up.  The first being a performance this Saturday, July 17, at Disorient’s Compressor VI event.

So much to do, so little time . . . literally!

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2 Responses to “Making in NYC”

  1. mrigs says:

    Hey andrew, i have been an oil paintiner for a few years now and have began to experiment with lights/projections with my paintings. I was just searching for information when i came across your blog, i am really glad i found this most people i know dont really want to talk about art and lighting. the things you are building inspire me as well as give me new ideas for combining light and paint. I had a few questions that you may or may not know the answer to: can you hook up led circuits to computers and control the lighting? can you paint on the smaller led bulbs? where do you suggest getting leds and wiring from (cheap/ reliable)? and what do you think about the phillips living color lights? thanks for your blog and your time.

  2. ao says:

    @mrigs — thanks for the kind words! I’m not sure why people wouldn’t want to talk about art and lighting if they’re into one or the other?

    You can indeed hook up LEDs to be controlled by the computer, very easily with an Arduino microcontroller ( which can run on its own after some programming, or can function as a conduit to a powerful graphical software environment called Processing (

    As for sourcing LEDs, you can get lots of LEDs from Ebay, or try an on-line retailer like Sparkfun ( or Evil Mad Science labs (

    You probably could indeed paint on LEDs, though I haven’t tried so you’ll have to experiment.

    I hope that gets you off to a good start, keep me updated!


    PS I don’t have any experience with the Phillips lights you mention, care to share a link?

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