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2 November 2010

Progress on DOTKLOK has been somewhat diverted lately by a bunch of exhibitions I’ve been busy preparing for, but there’s some new pics I’ve been anxious to share.  The fourth beta DOTKLOK is built with a smoked acrylic front face, a black acrylic back, and a row of all-black buttons along the bottom:

[ more info after the break]

After a lot of consideration, I’ve decided that the buttons for the final design will most likely be positioned two on each side, as in the first prototype:

My reasons for this are several.  By having the buttons on the side, DOTKLOK becomes a more open platform, perhaps even for lo-fi gaming; since I have a Pong time animation, buttons on the side would allow two people to easily play Pong on DOTKLOK, which would be akward w/ the buttons along the bottom.  From my experience with both arrangements, side situated buttons are also easier to use to control the clock (select the animations and set the time) than a row along the bottom.  The only advantage I really see with the bottom buttons is aesthetic, which is subjective.  I think for a kit that encourages customization, the slight, subjective, aesthetic trade-off is worth it for a more flexible platform.

Also new are a few more animations, such as Percent Time, which shows the time as percentage of the day passed (calculated such that one minute = 0.07%):

Here’s a few pics of the 3rd beta DOTKLOK, before sourcing the black buttons:

The previous photo shows Seconds Time, with the number of seconds passed since midnight in the top row, with the bottom showing seconds in the day remaining.  The next photo shows a more standard Date/Time animation:

DOTKLOK is currently on display at the Manchester Art Gallery‘s Make It Yourself show, which is a supporting exhibit to the Rafael Lozano-Hemmer solo show, Recorders.   It’s also on display in Ottawa at the Prototype show, part of Artengine‘s biennial, electronic art + sound festival, Electric Fields.

I’m hoping to have the first 25-50 DOTKLOK kits ready to order before December, stay tuned to this blog or the project web page for the latest info, as I’m also considering opening up pre-orders in a week or so . . .

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