DOTKLOK launched!

2 February 2011

As you may have noticed from the sidebar on the right of this page, DOTKLOK “unofficially” launched before Christmas when I quietly put it up on Etsy, planning to spread the word during the beginning of 2011 . . .

Well, things got started for me when it was picked up over the holidays by a handful of blogs, including OhGizmo, Totally Cool Gadgets, Smidigit (Sweden), Rock N Tech (Brazil), Gizmodiva, GeekAlerts, The Vine (Australia),  HomeDosh, dubbing DOTKLOK “one of the coolest clocks ever made,” Technabob (UK), and a major source of those first orders, the German Engadget site.

The internet did its magic: I received a bunch of European orders which pushed me into production mode.

Now that a dedicated webpage including documentation is done, I feel safe saying that DOTKLOK has officially launched :)

For the final “1.0″ design, I opted to put the buttons on the sides, which not only makes them easier to use (as opposed to along the bottom edge), but also makes it possible to repurpose or adapt DOTKLOK so two people can play a game of Pong — definitely something coming to a future firmware update.

Here’s a vid showing some patterns operating on the 1.0 hardware release:


DOTKLOK is available either as a kit (fully illustrated instructions included), or fully assembled and programmed, ready to go!  It’s available in red or green versions as well.  At the moment all sales are handled through my Etsy page.

Here’s a few reactions from the first lucky owners:

“Received the clock in time to give to my partner as a b’day present today. It was a great hit and best part is I get to enjoy it as well”

“The clock arrived a couple of days ago. Looks great on my living room wall!  I really like the Dotklok. The parts are high quality, beautifully finished faceplates and assembling the kit was a lot of fun! Thanks for making this really cool clock!”

I’ve set up a Facebook page to upload user pics and as a support forum and place for people to make suggestions for future animations.

Next up, a promo/press sheet and then the first real promo push . . .

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