Lightfair International 2011

25 May 2011

GigaTera prototype wall lamp

GigaTera prototype wall lamp

Last week I traveled to Philadelphia to attend Lightfair International 2011, a huge lighting conference featuring an immense trade show floor and a full schedule of lighting-related seminars.

While there, I was guest blogging for Philips’ LightCommunity on their new Events blog.  My first post focused on advancements in LED street lighting, my next post discussed issues surrounding general LED lighting in the home and summarized the keynote by Ingo Maurer, and my wrap-up post captured my impressions of the trade show floor.

Since the majority of the conference is focused on technical learning and driving product sales in the architecture, retail, and commercial sectors, there isn’t too much to take in from an artistic standpoint.  I was pleased, however, to attend a refreshing and inpiring seminar by Leni Schwendinger about her public lighitng projects.

As I see it, the increase in 1% for art programs coupled with the continual advancement of LED architectural lighting is a sure fire recipe for more exciting public lighting projects, so I hope to see greater emphasis on public lighting projects by events like Lightfair International.

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