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26 August 2012

Despite the ease with which I could record my sets in Traktor, I have yet to make this a habit, so my recorded DJ mixes remain rare, planned studio occasions.  Luckily the promoter at BPM where I recently played for a Frameworks Arkiteks night does make a habit of recording sets, so I’m happy to be able to share a new one!  I was dj’ing at a private party earlier, and a bunch of people from that party made their way to the club for this set so I had a lot of fun w/ it, sharing some “summer softies” alongside the “techno rollers.”

Andrew O’Malley @ Framework Arkiteks 2012-08-11 by Andrew O’Malley on Mixcloud

Keep reading for more on the whole “sharing” process . . .

Figuring out how to share this set was actually a bit of pain.  I already have a Soundcloud account, but I’m still only using the freebie version with only 2 hours of audio, most of which I’ve already used.  So I thought rather than pony up for the paid version, I’d give Mixcloud a try.  Mixcloud is super easy to use, is geared for dj mix and podcast content, seems more social (better Facebook integration, etc.), has unlimited uploading, but demands a tracklist which might annoy some users.  I like to post tracklists, so no worries for me there, and they’re able to read directly from Traktor history files, so adding the tracklist is a breeze.  However, the big downside to Mixcloud is they don’t allow downloads, making it hard for those who want to add your sets to their mp3 players.  I’m solving this by temporarily hosting the file for downloading on my own site, but will probably eventually move the mix over to the new Beatport Mixes site where people can buy and download mixes, but not preview them.  So basically this model for shaing mixes will be listen for free, pay to download.  It’ll be interesting to see how that works out.  Having always hosted my own mixes for free, I’m not sure how I feel about the whole model.  However, hosting my own mixes loses out on all the social connectivity w/ sites like Soundcloud and Mixcloud, so I figure it’s worth a try . . .

Which makes me wonder: how many other sites am I going to “have” to join as someone who produces and promotes media?  In addition to this blog, which floats around the web unconnected from any specific network, I now also use Tumblr, Pintrest, and Twitter for general content sharing, Youtube and Vimeo for video, and now Soundcloud, Mixcloud, and Beatport for audio . . . ugh, not to mention multiple Facebook pages and Flickr and who knows what else . . . oh yeah, a personal web page, too.  And I haven’t even started with content aggregators like Reddit.

Where does it stop!?

How do you manage your on-line networks?  Drop your thoughts in the comments!

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