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Illuminating Cube Gallery’s sign

11 December 2012

We’d been talking about it for years, and a few weeks back, Cube Galley owner, Don, and I finally coordinated the animated LED lighting of his gallery sign: More pics and video here.

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Cube Gallery sign

Cube Gallery sign lighting

11 December 2012

Cube Gallery‘s (Ottawa, ON) sign logo lit with OEM RGB LED ribbon, with user remote control allowing the gallery to select various solid colours or fading programs for everyday accenting or special events. Below is a video showing the looping colour-fade mode (please pause the slideshow above if you experience trouble viewing the video): Does [...]

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Great Big Smalls VIII, 2012

Great Big Smalls VIII, 2012

19 November 2012

Great Big Smalls VIII @ Cube Gallery, Ottawa, December 4-30th 2012 Opening party: Thursday December 6th, 6-9pm Deb and I (as The Latest Artists) will have a few new light pieces in this group show. More info here.

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“Phenomena” @ CUBE Gallery, Feb. 1-27 2011

8 February 2011

Phenomena is a group exhibition @ CUBE Gallery featuring seven artists’ take on climatic, astronomical, or geological phenomena. Alongside work by Aili Kurtis, Paul Schibli, Guy Lavigueur, Jennifer Gibbs, Reid MacLachlan, John Roth, and Tony Broderick, I’m debuting work exploring new themes for me: a light piece controlled by the colour of the sky. The [...]

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Spacing Ottawa Launch

Spacing Ottawa launch party, November 2009

25 November 2009

Last week Deb and I performed a dj/vj set (as The Latest Artists) at the Spacing Ottawa launch party at Cube Gallery . Dawghaus Studios put a video together of the event featuring some of our music, video, and performance — along with Spacing-related content, too, of course

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Updating an old flave

4 November 2009

This piece has a colourful history The original, static fixture shown above was built for Cube Gallery‘s 2008 exhibtion, Homage, which asked participating artists to create an homage to an important influence on their art. I chose to make a wall-mounted rendition of Dan Flavin‘s fluorescent installation, “untitled (in honor of Harold Joachim)”: For the [...]

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My 2nd Arudino project

1 June 2009

After encouraging results with my first Arudino project, Deb and I teamed up with Arduino again for our entry in Cube Gallery‘s Nocturne show, a group exhibition dedicated to the beauty of the night sky. As the only electronic artists in the show, we built a triptych of animated light boxes representing the stars of [...]

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