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Heart (i)

Heart (i)

8 February 2012

Valentine’s Day Light Fixture A client contacted me wanting a red, blinking, heart-shaped LED array.  Since my production schedule didn’t afford me the time to design, assemble, and program a heart-shaped LED matrix at his desired size of about 10″ x 10″ for his Valentine’s Day deadline, I proposed a back-lit acrylic heart, to which [...]

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"Electric Tenement" reacting to Tweets @ OpenOttawaLibre 2011

OpenOttawaLibre 2011

15 October 2011

On Sept. 28 2011 I was fortunate to partake in OpenOttawaLibre 2011, an “unconference” that brought together a diverse group of “creatives” from the business, technology, and art sectors in Ottawa. Although the agenda of the day wasn’t entirely clear until the event started – in true “unconference” style – the day was actually a [...]

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GigaTera prototype wall lamp

Lightfair International 2011

25 May 2011

Last week I traveled to Philadelphia to attend Lightfair International 2011, a huge lighting conference featuring an immense trade show floor and a full schedule of lighting-related seminars. While there, I was guest blogging for Philips’ LightCommunity on their new Events blog.  My first post focused on advancements in LED street lighting, my next post [...]

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Urbana 2011

27 April 2011

Intro Urbana is an annual fundraiser hosted by Dharma Developments where proceeds raised support community programs with the goal of preventing homelessness in Ottawa. This year, URBANA is helping Action Housing / Action-Logement, an Ottawa-based charitable organization that assists low-income individuals and families to find and maintain safe, affordable and adequate rental housing. Each annual [...]

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“Phenomena” @ CUBE Gallery, Feb. 1-27 2011

8 February 2011

Phenomena is a group exhibition @ CUBE Gallery featuring seven artists’ take on climatic, astronomical, or geological phenomena. Alongside work by Aili Kurtis, Paul Schibli, Guy Lavigueur, Jennifer Gibbs, Reid MacLachlan, John Roth, and Tony Broderick, I’m debuting work exploring new themes for me: a light piece controlled by the colour of the sky. The [...]

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7 December 2010

After making my own PCBs for several projects and finding the process sufficient for small runs and prototyping, I’ve decided its time to make the leap to professional manufacturing.   The first design I sent off was a carbon copy of the Electric Window 4 single-sided PCB that I’ve been home etching: This was a fairly [...]

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Great Big Smalls VI

Great Big Smalls VI @ CUBE Gallery

1 December 2010

CUBE Gallery’s annual group show, Great Big Smalls VI, opens Thursday eve., Dec. 2, featuring work by a large group of artists from near and afar.  I’ll let the official press release tell the story: Cube Gallery is pleased to announce that our wildly popular Great BIG Smalls Show is back for a sixth year [...]

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Leo Villareal @ the San Jose Museum of Art

23 September 2010

Here’s a great article about Leo Villareal’s exhibition at the San Jose Museum of Art.  The article is packed with videos of Villareal’s work, including a walk-through of the actual exhibit. I particularly resonated with this quote from the artist: I am interested in the idea of generative art and rendering the patterns on the [...]

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