Bronson Avenue Public Art Shortlist

1 November 2012

It’s official!  I’ve been shortlisted for a permanent, public art project for the Bronson Centre, as part of Ottawa’s Bronson Avenue Renewal Project.

There’ll be a public consultation on Thurs. Nov. 8, 6-8pm at the Bronson Centre (211 Bronson St., Ottawa) where you’ll be able to see sketches and models of the proposed projects and provide your input and preferences for the jury to consider later this month!

Here’s a sneak peak at some experiments with my model:

I’ll follow up w/ more details after next week!

Update #1

Here’s a photo of my maquette:

I’ll post some more pics and video soon.  In the meantime, you can see some pics from the public consultation, along with a video of myself and the other artists explaining our concepts here.

Peter Simpson of the Ottawa Citizen also produced a video featuring the artists and their proposals.

Here‘s an article from EMC Ottawa West newspaper (PDF), and articles on local blogs, Modal Mom and West Side Action, both hoping my proposal is chosen.

Update #2

I’m thrilled to announce that I won the commission!  The installation will be called Community Channel, and I’ll continue to blog about my progress here.

Here’s an announcement on the Big Beat art blog.

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