Community Channel

STATUS: short-listed awarded, design & fabrication, estimated for permanent installation October 2013.

Community Channel initial sketch

Community Channel is a permanent lighting installation for the entrance-way roof of the Bronson Centre (Ottawa, ON).

The installation comprises a group of larger-than-life, illuminated silhouettes of various community members (men, women, and children), each individually illuminated from within, programmed with seasonally shifting colour palettes that in the short term gradually fade in and out of phase with one another. When the colours are out of phase, the sculpture broadcasts ideas of diversity, while once in phase, the sculpture illuminates in unity.

Community Channel scale maquette

Press + Info

Bronson Avenue Renewal Project info

Ottawa Citizen shortlist announcement

Ottawa Citizen photo and video reviews of the public consultation: 1 + 2

EMC West review of the public consultation (PDF)

Modal Mom blog post about the public consultation

Ottawa Citizen art blog’s announcement of winners

City of Ottawa commission summary

Centretown News coverage of winning projects

EMC West coverage of winning proposals

Tomek Sysak profiles the “political” side of Community Channel’s figures

More info to come . . . Follow my blog posts about the project here.

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