Andrew O’Malley is a multi-disciplinary artist and engineer working with algorithms and code to create interactive artworks responsive to sensors and data linked to remote environments and the immediate surroundings. Using diverse lighting technologies, his “data driven” artworks visually transform information, revealing patterns and participants’ preferences over time.

This work has been supported by the Ontario Arts Council, the City of Ottawa, and the Corel Endowment Fund for the Arts.  His artistic endeavors can be perused further here.

He has exhibited widely in Ontario, and serves on the board of Ottawa artist-run centre, Artengine, dedicated to electronic art and its evolving relationship with society. He has also worked with New York based art/technology centres NYC Resistor and Eyebeam.

Also an electronic music dj and producer, his demo mixes and discography are available here.

When working with his wife, Deborah, as a DJ/VJ duo or for other artistic projects, they collaborate as The Latest Artists.

Andrew is always eager to make your ideas a reality through commissioned works, and is available to consult on physical computing and interactive projects.  His contact info is here.  You can also visit Andrew’s personal website here.