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Updating an old flave

4 November 2009

This piece has a colourful history The original, static fixture shown above was built for Cube Gallery‘s 2008 exhibtion, Homage, which asked participating artists to create an homage to an important influence on their art. I chose to make a wall-mounted rendition of Dan Flavin‘s fluorescent installation, “untitled (in honor of Harold Joachim)”: For the [...]

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Custom light box

21 September 2009

I just completed a custom light box for Ottawa photographer Rémi Thériault. It was a bit challenging in that instead of building it from scratch, I needed to retrofit an old hotplate. Rémi took the KD photo on the hotplate before disassembling it, had the photo printed in 3D, then removed the hotplate from its [...]

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Custom light sequencer

1 December 2008

Having already built several projects requiring a 12Vdc sequencer, such as my Prototype lamp and my Conduit sculpture I realized that experimenting with new projects with similar lights would be easier with a common development platform . . .

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