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Illuminating Cube Gallery’s sign

11 December 2012

We’d been talking about it for years, and a few weeks back, Cube Galley owner, Don, and I finally coordinated the animated LED lighting of his gallery sign: More pics and video here.

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Heart (i)

Heart (i)

8 February 2012

Valentine’s Day Light Fixture A client contacted me wanting a red, blinking, heart-shaped LED array.  Since my production schedule didn’t afford me the time to design, assemble, and program a heart-shaped LED matrix at his desired size of about 10″ x 10″ for his Valentine’s Day deadline, I proposed a back-lit acrylic heart, to which [...]

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Custom light box

21 September 2009

I just completed a custom light box for Ottawa photographer Rémi Thériault. It was a bit challenging in that instead of building it from scratch, I needed to retrofit an old hotplate. Rémi took the KD photo on the hotplate before disassembling it, had the photo printed in 3D, then removed the hotplate from its [...]

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