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DOTKLOK software 1.3

26 April 2011

New “big font” time display If you haven’t already, it’s time to update your DOTKLOK!  When you plug your DOTKLOK in, the software version will briefly be displayed (if there is no display, you are running code version 1.0 or older).  The latest release is version 1.3, now available at the DOTKLOK project page in [...]

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Blog love

18 March 2011

DOTKLOK‘s been getting lots of blog love since the official launch in January.  Noteable appearances include Make, Create Digital Motion, Laughing Squid, CunchGear, Hack A Day, and a print feature in Korean trend magazine, Metatrend: The first customer-created review vid also surfaced this week:   I keep an on-going list of press on the DOTKLOK [...]

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New DOTKLOK animations

15 February 2011

This past week I wrapped up version 1.1 of the DOTKLOK firmware, adding 3 new animations: Analog mode: a minimal depiction of a standard analog clock face. Morse code mode: hours, minutes, and seconds represented in Morse code glide across the screen at random velocities. and Game Time, where the screen is randomly cleared each [...]

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DOTKLOK launched!

2 February 2011

As you may have noticed from the sidebar on the right of this page, DOTKLOK “unofficially” launched before Christmas when I quietly put it up on Etsy, planning to spread the word during the beginning of 2011 . . . Well, things got started for me when it was picked up over the holidays by [...]

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7 December 2010

After making my own PCBs for several projects and finding the process sufficient for small runs and prototyping, I’ve decided its time to make the leap to professional manufacturing.   The first design I sent off was a carbon copy of the Electric Window 4 single-sided PCB that I’ve been home etching: This was a fairly [...]

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Prototype exhibition, November 2010

26 November 2010

During the Electric Fields biennial festival of electronic art and music in Ottawa, Karsh Masson Gallery hosted the Prototype exhibition, which focused on the iterative processes behind electronic-based art. Unfortunately I don’t have as many photos of the exhibit as I’d like, as the whole experience was a bit of a whirlwind, with two days [...]

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DOTKLOK update

2 November 2010

Progress on DOTKLOK has been somewhat diverted lately by a bunch of exhibitions I’ve been busy preparing for, but there’s some new pics I’ve been anxious to share.  The fourth beta DOTKLOK is built with a smoked acrylic front face, a black acrylic back, and a row of all-black buttons along the bottom: [ more [...]

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What I did on my summer vacation

13 September 2010

For a detailed account of all the various projects I worked on this past summer during my residency at NYC Resistor, I invite you to check out this post I did for their blog.

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