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André et Michèle: new musical improv. project

15 May 2013

Starting in late December, 2012, I’ve been jamming weekly w/ my singer/songwriter/guitarist friend, Michael Glenwright.  The premise was to merge my drum machines and dj’ing with his guitar and synth act.  It took a few sessions to iron out the set up, going from a dj looper -based set-up to using Ableton Live as the [...]

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I Pressed the Wrong Button

I Pressed the Wrong Button

15 November 2010

Real-time A/V experiment by The Latest Artists (Andrew + Deborah O’Malley); made with a drum machine, Ableton Live, Processing, and Resolume.  Recorded in a single-take after video and audio preparation (no post-processing). Music + video (c) 2010 The Latest Artists

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Interactive Audio/Visual Installation

14 December 2009

Just finished a proposal video for an interactive audio/visual installation, where the audience become the performers in a room-sized drum machine with blinking lights and synchronized video:   The audio is straight from a drum machine, triggering the video in real time which is done in Processing; this initial draft shows the tip of the iceberg for [...]

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Window office

8 November 2009

This is the third piece in my “electric window” series, which began in December of 2007 when I stuffed a small pre-made frame with EL wire and a decorative acrylic panel as an entry to Gallery 101‘s annual fundraiser / art auction, 101 Frames. The year after, I made another EL wire based piece, and [...]

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Updating an old flave

4 November 2009

This piece has a colourful history The original, static fixture shown above was built for Cube Gallery‘s 2008 exhibtion, Homage, which asked participating artists to create an homage to an important influence on their art. I chose to make a wall-mounted rendition of Dan Flavin‘s fluorescent installation, “untitled (in honor of Harold Joachim)”: For the [...]

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