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GigaTera prototype wall lamp

Lightfair International 2011

25 May 2011

Last week I traveled to Philadelphia to attend Lightfair International 2011, a huge lighting conference featuring an immense trade show floor and a full schedule of lighting-related seminars. While there, I was guest blogging for Philips’ LightCommunity on their new Events blog.  My first post focused on advancements in LED street lighting, my next post [...]

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Leo Villareal @ the San Jose Museum of Art

23 September 2010

Here’s a great article about Leo Villareal’s exhibition at the San Jose Museum of Art.  The article is packed with videos of Villareal’s work, including a walk-through of the actual exhibit. I particularly resonated with this quote from the artist: I am interested in the idea of generative art and rendering the patterns on the [...]

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Introducing DOTKLOK

30 July 2010

Today I made some initial progress on one of my summer projects here at NYC Resistor –  a rudimentary mock-up of the DOTKLOK hardware: DOTKLOK will be an open source clock kit with multiple time-telling animations, some literal like the simple display above, and others showing the passage of time through abstract patterns, following on [...]

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The LEDs are on the wall

22 July 2010

I’ve officially begun my residency at Eyebeam Art + Technology Center in NYC: [ Eyebeam bio ] Working with Hernani Dias on the Re:Farm project (see my previous post for some more info about the Re:Farm project), my first objective is to create the PCB for the Re:Farm On The Wall module, a data visualization [...]

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One Button Objects, March 2010

8 July 2010

Back in February, I saw this call for single button, interactive objects to be displayed at an exhibition called “one button objects,” in San Francisco, as part of the Gamma4 one button game event during the 2010 Game Developers Conference. This presented a perfect opportunity to experiment with interactivity and sensor input for my Electric [...]

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It’s all about content . . ?

21 January 2010

Gallery hopping in Toronto late last year, I discovered a handful of really inspiring artists. Gallery Lausberg specializes in abstract German sculpture.  Of particular interest to me were the works of Regine Schumann and Klaus Staudt. Schumann’s work revolves around sculptural acrylic forms illuminated by black light: Staudt’s work explores form and perspective through a [...]

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