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LED Christmas Tree 2012

14 December 2012

With a string of Adafruit LED pixels sitting on my workbench just waiting for a project, I felt a crafty urge to make an LED Christmas Tree, despite Adafruit’s aversion to such things I wanted to limit the project to a single evening, so my idea for a laser-cut, acrylic tree would have to wait [...]

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Illuminating Cube Gallery’s sign

11 December 2012

We’d been talking about it for years, and a few weeks back, Cube Galley owner, Don, and I finally coordinated the animated LED lighting of his gallery sign: More pics and video here.

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Cube Gallery sign

Cube Gallery sign lighting

11 December 2012

Cube Gallery‘s (Ottawa, ON) sign logo lit with OEM RGB LED ribbon, with user remote control allowing the gallery to select various solid colours or fading programs for everyday accenting or special events. Below is a video showing the looping colour-fade mode (please pause the slideshow above if you experience trouble viewing the video): Does [...]

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Bronson Avenue Public Art Shortlist

1 November 2012

It’s official!  I’ve been shortlisted for a permanent, public art project for the Bronson Centre, as part of Ottawa’s Bronson Avenue Renewal Project. There’ll be a public consultation on Thurs. Nov. 8, 6-8pm at the Bronson Centre (211 Bronson St., Ottawa) where you’ll be able to see sketches and models of the proposed projects and [...]

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Upcoming Lighting Installations

19 September 2012

I’m happy to announce I’ll be lighting up the city with two unique and innovative interactive installations: “Thank God for the Weather” @ Nuit Blanche Ottawa The first installation, “Thank God for the Weather” was created especially for Nuit Blanche Ottawa 2012 — to make a bold, accessible focal-point for the Wellington area. The interactive [...]

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Creative Engineering @ Pecha Kucha Ottawa

14 September 2012

I was invited (somewhat last minute) to speak at Ottawa’s 6th Pecha Kucha event so I updated my Creative Engineering presentation for an adult audience, focusing on several previous projects and some of their background design processes. I’ve joined yet another media sharing site — Speaker Deck — to make the slides available:

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Creative Engineering

1 August 2012

Today I gave the above presentation to a group of 7-9 year olds, as part of an engineering/science camp called Virtual Ventures at Carleton University. My goal was to show the kids how I apply engineering to fun and creative ends for my art and music projects.  While the actual slide show is brief on [...]

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Sky Spectrum revisited

6 March 2012

Background Around this time last year, I completed a “data driven” light fixture called Sky Spectrum, for a show at Cube Gallery.  The concept behind Sky Spectrum is to analyze the Parliament Hill webcam to determine the average red, green, and blue values found in the image of the sky throughout the day, and use [...]

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