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What I did on my summer vacation

13 September 2010

For a detailed account of all the various projects I worked on this past summer during my residency at NYC Resistor, I invite you to check out this post I did for their blog.

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A tour of NYCResistor

7 September 2010

Head on over to the Artengine blog for a post touring NYCResistor where I was “hacker/artist in residence” this summer!

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DOTKLOK prototype programming

2 September 2010

Just a quick post to share a video of some of the first animations I’ve programmed for DOTKLOK, my upcoming open-source digital clock with multiple time animations. The final version will probably have a black/smoked case with a choice of red or green LEDs. Not sure if the buttons will be on the side or [...]

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23 August 2010

Thanks to the laser cutter at NYC Resistor, I have my first DOTKLOK beta w/ an “open concept” enclosure: Not sure that this is what the final clock will actually look like, but I now have a nice prototype to program on. Since this will be an open source kit, I’m looking for feedback about [...]

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DOTKLOK prototyping

11 August 2010

A few more pics from the prototyping stage of DOTKLOK (see my introductory blog post here). I’ve soldered my prototyping circuit together: Next up: a user interface (buttons!) and writing lots of time animations . . .

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Introducing DOTKLOK

30 July 2010

Today I made some initial progress on one of my summer projects here at NYC Resistor –  a rudimentary mock-up of the DOTKLOK hardware: DOTKLOK will be an open source clock kit with multiple time-telling animations, some literal like the simple display above, and others showing the passage of time through abstract patterns, following on [...]

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Making in NYC

14 July 2010

I’m happy to announce that I’m spending an art-focused summer in NYC!  Between now and the end of August, I’ll be based out of midtown Manhattan. It already feels like I have more projects than the time to complete them   I’ve secured an “artist in residency” position with NYC Resistor, where I have open [...]

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