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7 December 2010

After making my own PCBs for several projects and finding the process sufficient for small runs and prototyping, I’ve decided its time to make the leap to professional manufacturing.   The first design I sent off was a carbon copy of the Electric Window 4 single-sided PCB that I’ve been home etching: This was a fairly [...]

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The LEDs are on the wall

22 July 2010

I’ve officially begun my residency at Eyebeam Art + Technology Center in NYC: [ Eyebeam bio ] Working with Hernani Dias on the Re:Farm project (see my previous post for some more info about the Re:Farm project), my first objective is to create the PCB for the Re:Farm On The Wall module, a data visualization [...]

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Printed circuit board (PCB) etching

14 May 2010

Scope This post assumes some knowledge of PCB etching methods and is an account of my experience with the toner transfer method. If this is new to you, you may have to get Googling on a few of things mentioned here. That said, I’ve linked to the sites I found most useful during the process. [...]

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