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Blog love

18 March 2011

DOTKLOK‘s been getting lots of blog love since the official launch in January.  Noteable appearances include Make, Create Digital Motion, Laughing Squid, CunchGear, Hack A Day, and a print feature in Korean trend magazine, Metatrend: The first customer-created review vid also surfaced this week:   I keep an on-going list of press on the DOTKLOK [...]

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Blog love

2 March 2010

It’s probably obvious from the links in the right hand column, but last month I set up an Etsy shop for my smaller light works. Etsy’s a site dedicated to all things crafty and handmade.   On first glance, my electronic works seem out of place amongst all the beads, jewelery, knitting, and paintings.  However, since [...]

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Helen in the Keller

7 October 2009

Really diggin’ the new M-nus release by Clickbox + Run Stop Restore. Currently can’t get enough of the title track with the slide-y bass guitar and creepy almost off-putting vocals; then the solo synth-line part in the middle: nice dark/groovy stuff. This one will def. get some play at my autumn/Halloween gigs! Also enjoying the [...]

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